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Tooth loss occurs for all kinds of reasons. But thankfully, you don’t have to put up with gaps in your smile. A dental bridge is a prosthesis that bridges the gap between two teeth separated by a missing tooth. It consists of two primary components:

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Crowns for abutment teeth

The two teeth adjacent to the space created by a missing tooth are called abutment teeth. They act as a support for the bridge, and are reduced in size and crowned so the gap in between can be filled.

Crowns for missing teeth

You don’t want a gap in your smile, so the missing tooth is replaced with an artificial crown that is connected to the crowns on the abutment teeth. This completes the bridge, making it a single unit.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

Restoration of your smile

Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. A bridge fills the gaps in your smile, restoring a natural look that’ll have you smiling with confidence.

Improved chewing and speech

A bridge acts like your normal teeth, encouraging a greater chewing capacity and improved speech.

Original teeth position is maintained

If your missing teeth are not replaced, over time your adjacent teeth move into the space between. This drift can cause changes in your bite pattern and spacing between your teeth. A bridge solves all of these problems in one go.

Altered face shape

Missing teeth can cause sunken cheeks and an altered face shape. By restoring your dentition, a bridge helps your face regain its natural shape, restoring a healthier looking, more confident you.

Permanent, painless solution

Unlike partial dentures, a bridge is fixed. Once fitted, they’re extremely comfortable and because they don’t need to be removed for cleaning, are easier to maintain than dentures.

If you’ve lost your teeth as a result of dental decay or accident, call Dr V and the team. We can have a detailed discussion about your needs, and create a bridge treatment that perfectly suits your smile.


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