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A crown is a cap like structure made of stainless steel, metal-ceramic or ceramic. Moulded to fit over your tooth, it provides support and protection other dental solutions can’t. They’re most commonly used to restore the:

Size of your tooth

If you have a small sized tooth, a crown can be used to increase the size of the tooth, ensuring it’s the same or similar size as the rest of your teeth.

Shape of your tooth

No one’s teeth are completely uniform, but trauma and birth defects can cause fractures or changes to the shape of your teeth. A crown can be used to cap these teeth, creating a more ‘normal’ shape.

Appearance of your tooth

If you have dead, badly stained or discoloured teeth, crowns can provide a more natural look, creating a more uniform dentition.

Strength of your tooth

If you’ve lost a large part of your tooth due to decay, it will become weak over time. Crowns can be used to strengthen the tooth and protect it from chewing forces, safeguarding it from removal in the future.

Dental Crown

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