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We’ll start with a full examination, followed by a diagnosis and a discussion about your treatment options and possible costs. There’s time to answer all your questions, so if there’s anything on your mind, don’t be afraid to bring it up. To ensure your pain is dealt with quickly, treatment will begin on the same day, with follow appointments where necessary.

Although we’re here to help whenever you need us, it’s worth remembering that preventative dental care and regular maintenance are the best ways to care for your teeth and gums. Stick with our preventative dental program and you’ll not only spend less money, you’ll seriously reduce your chances of ever having to see us on an emergency basis. So if it’s been a while since your last visit, book an appointment to come and see us today – we’d love to have you back!

Toothaches, broken teeth and lost fillings can happen at the most unexpected (and inconvenient) times.

But there’s no need to panic – we’re available at short notice and out of hours to deal with all your troublesome tooth issues. Simply give us a call on (07) 5525 2400 to book an emergency appointment and we’ll have you sorted out in no time.

(07) 5525 2400