7th Birthday Smile Makeover Package

Inspired by the transformation our practice has had over the past 7 years

– we want to give your smile a glow-up!

We are offering a limited number of discounted Composite Veneers Packages, including:

Check and clean X-ray ($426 value)

Zoom in-chair whitening ($800 value)

8 x Comp Veneer ($4400 value)

Splint ($685 value)

Total value $6361

Smile Makeover Package Cost – $5000

Save over $1300!

To claim this package, fill in your details below and upload a photo of your biggest, cheesiest smile so that we can see your teeth (zoom right in on your smile – we just want to see your mouth please!)

We will get in touch to book a free consult first, where we will show you your customised options for smile design.

*To be eligible MUST have no holes, no infection, no gum disease, or there may be additional charges.